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Commissioning a Portrait

When you commission me to create your cat's portrait, I will work with you to create two lasting keepsakes: a piece of art for your wall, and a "making-of" video that tells the story of your cat. If you have any questions about the ordering process, please use the form at the bottom of the page to contact me.


step one

Sizes and Prices

Click here to see the starting prices for the various sizes of portraits available.

I will provide a firm quote after I've seen your photos and we've discussed the pose.


step two

Send Photos

The final quote will be based on the quality of detailed, close-up photos of your cat's complete body, face, and markings for reference.


​Sometimes poorly-lit, low-resolution or incomplete photos are all we'll have to work with. In that case, I'll quote an appropriate price to cover the additional artistry required to create a detailed and complete portrait of your kitty. 


Overall, the more photos I have to work with, the better.


step three


Reserve your spot in the portrait queue with a deposit of $99.

You don't have to have your photos ready, and you don't have to have your mind made up yet about the pose or the size, even.


step four

Phone Interview

I will reach out to you to set up a 30-minute phone appointment so I can gather stories about your cat for the video.


(If this is a surprise gift for someone else, I can interview them for the video after you’ve given them the portrait).


During the call, I can give you a rough estimate of how soon I can start on the portrait. If there is a special deadline to meet, I’ll do my best.


step five

Portrait Work

Right before I begin work on your portrait, I will email you to confirm the pose details.

When the portrait is complete, I will email you a photo of it and send an invoice for the balance.


step six

Final Payment and Delivery

Once I receive the balance, I’ll ship the drawing via USPS (with insurance) and provide you with the tracking number. 

Finally, when I’ve finished editing and uploading the video, I’ll email you the link.

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